Where to invest?


Selecting a right location for your investment project and setting up a business activity is one of the most important issues in all branches of industry. The availability of skilled and adequate employees, modern infrastructure, an accommodating government and business environment are just some of the characteristics that a certain location should have.


In administrative terms, Croatia is divided in 20 counties and the City of Zagreb. Each county has its own entrepreneurial zones intended for specific business activities, offering various additional local support.


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In its entire territory, Croatia has over 100 entrepreneurial zones with complete infrastructure offering entrepreneurs an encouraging surrounding for conducting their business activities on the local level.

Equipped with utility services, owned by municipalities or towns, having clear ownership and excellent logistic and traffic connections (quick access to motorways, close vicinity to river/sea ports and railways), zone users are offered some additional support by local communities such as relief from utility tax, lower payments for municipal services for zone users, lower land prices, etc.

For more information on entrepreneurial zones, contact us, or visit Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development – Business Zone data base.

Reliable investment and business environment