Criteria for the publication of an investment project in the Catalog of Investment Projects of the CEC


Project has to be developed / located on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.


Project certainty - The project must have basic project documentation such as a business plan, feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis, etc. Idea-level projects will not be considered for publication in the Catalog.


Status of project documentation - projects involving any construction activity, must have resolved ownership, be entered in the cadastre and land registry and be in accordance with the spatial plans (PPZ, PPG, GUP, UPU, DPU, etc.).


The realization of the project must have a certain economic impact on the economic activity of the area in which it is planned to be realized - classic real estate projects such as construction and sale of apartments and housing estates and land sales are not published in the Investment Projects Catalog.


For projects to be published in the Catalog, all supporting documentation must be provided.