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Krapina-Zagorje Airport

5.000.000,00 EUR


Infrastructure - Tourism infrastructure



Krapina-Zagorje County




The aim of the project is to improve tourist offer in terms of better connectivity including air transport, to improve continental, health, sports and recreational tourism, to enable business charter travels, training of pilots, aircraft servicing, etc. Additional added value will be employment of people, income from takeoffs and landings and air show competitions, overnight stays. Since founding the company Krapina-Zagorje Airport Ltd., finishing the purchase of 20 hectares of land, and obtaining a location permit, the communal infrastructure for drinking water supply and electricity is also solved. The amount of the share of the future owner can be over 75%. The project is divided into the following functional units and for each of these units, the investor can ask for a building permit. The first and second phase are fully resolved, and the third phase is partially solved. Phase 1: Cabling the power lines (vertical to runway) Phase 2: Access road with utility infrastructure with connection to county road, first stage Phase 3: Airport with grass runway, driving track , apron first stage and fence - partially Phase 4: Access road with utility infrastructure, second stage Phase 5: Hangar Phase 6: Control tower - partially Phase 7: Power station 10(20)70,4 kV Phase 8: Hangar 2 Phase 9: Hangar 3 and connection between hangar and apron, second stage Phase 10: Fuel dispenser Phase 11: Asphalt road construction of runway and driving track So far have been obtained following documents: - Preliminary Design - Location permit - Development of the Guidelines on the use of the airport Zabok-Gubaševo - Approval for use of the airport "Zabok-Gubaševo" (LDZK) airport operator KZA Ltd. - Assigned ICAO code - The airport LDZK was included in the list of registered airports in the Republic of Croatia - Croatian Post and Electronic Communications issued a license for the use of radio frequency spectrum - With the Croatian Air Navigation Ltd. is signed an operational agreement on the procedures of coordination when a special use controlled airspace between the Area Control Centre Zagreb - Obtained a building permit for Phase II, 1 stage.


Airport Zabok-Gubaševo is located in Krapina-Zagorje county, 3 km to the west of the city Zabok, therefore has a favourable geographical position as it is located near the city of Zagreb. Area of the city passes highway Zagreb - Macelj, and the city is the third-largest traffic centre in Croatia, but also the most important railway intersection in the Krapina-Zagorje County. The Airport is situated close to the exit from the highway Zagreb-Macelj, north of the railway Zaprešić-Zabok-Varaždin, and west of state road D-205 Kumrovec -Zabok.


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    The amount of the share of the future owner can be over 75%.

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EU funded


  • Total area of the development site20 ha
  • Estimated land valueEUR Na zahtjev/ On request + VAT
  • Development cost estimation (excl. land)EUR Na zahtjev/ On request + VAT

Project holder

Project holder

Krapinsko-zagorski Aerodrom d.o.o.


Mobile or Phone Number: +385 49 223-533


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The project has started and is partially built.

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