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Where is it located?


1.600.000,00 EUR




Lika-Senj County


Kompolje koreničko 22, Korenica, 53230


On the property there is an old autochthonous Lika house with a mill that is in operation, built in 1920. and was completely renovated, the house is registered as an ethnological heritage. The Matica River flows through the entire 300 m long estate, its source is located in Vrelo Korenički, 2.5 km away, and it is rich in autochthonous brown trout. At the very entrance to the property was once located the first mini hydro power plant which was the only source of electricity for the whole area. The construction part of the property is a total of 13,500 m2 and is divided into three zones. The camp zone is located on kč.12090 / 2 on 10 000 m2 and the hotel zone with a restaurant and the existing Lika house on kč. 12090/1 1378 m2. For these two zones and the construction of a camp and a hotel with a restaurant, both building permits were obtained, all utility and water contributions were paid, all other obligations related to the project were settled (studies, architects, surveyors, all other necessary papers), reported and started. The construction has been started the excavation of the foundation for the hotel and the process of staking out the area of ​​the camp. In the area of ​​the camp one of the wooden buildings has been made with the auxiliary building 72 m2 + covered terrace. There remains a third construction zone where the investor can work on one larger or more smaller facilities according to his wishes and ideas. In the part that is not for construction, there is a stable for horses and sheep. An idea for a riding school with the organization of tours with horse. Also, a space for sports and recreation such as archery, yoga in nature or other similar activities.) The site has many ecological orchards and plants/flowers of indigenous old varieties of Lika. An eco garden with vegetables and autochthonous trout farm sets the perfect position for a restaurant with the desire to involve guests to participate in all processes and get closer to nature. Ideas for the site: - Catering content exclusively indigenous cuisine based on organic products and cooperation with local family farms - Mill and a house that is registered as an ethnological heritage, open for tourists. - In the old Lika house there is a space planned for an ethno collection in which the heritage and culture of Lika would be displayed, traditional old tools and aids, folk costumes. -Possibility of installing a mini hydro power plant on the existing mill without disturbing the environment and its own electricity from renewable sources without any harmful effects on nature.


The property is located at the foot of the mountain Plješevica in Kompolje Korenički, municipality of Plitvice Lakes and covers an area of ​​27,840 m2 of fenced area. It is located 1.5 km outside the national park zone thus it is not subject to construction conditions in a strictly protected area.


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Full project documentation
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EU funded

Financial indicators 2020

  • Total liabilitiesEUR 0 + VAT
  • Number of employees1


  • Total area of the development site27 840 m2
  • Estimated land valueEUR Na zahtjev/ On request + VAT
  • Development cost estimation (excl. land)EUR 1600000 + VAT

Project holder

Project holder



Name: Igor Đurđević

Mobile or Phone Number: +385 91 2392 004


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Estimated start of project implementation

January 2020

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