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Construction of a production dairy plant Vlajina

2.651.657,00 EUR





Šibenik-Knin County


Oklaj, Promina


The project involves construction and equipment of a dairy (cheese) factory with a capacity of 10,000 litres of processed milk in one shift with the intention of organising in the later phase the production in two shifts or 20,000 litres of processed milk per day. The aim of the construction of the dairy factory (dealing with the production of sheep and cow cheese) is to develop and improve dairy business in the area of Promina Municipality. The project holder plans to build a diary plant of 1.253,45 m2 (21.5 m x 58.30 m)gross surface area (including manufacturing and processing facility). The production plant will be equipped with all the machinery and equipment needed for milk storage, milk processing (semi-hard, hard, soft-skinned and cheese from mice) in cheese, skim milk and cream, and for the milk delivery. There is a significant increase in demand for specific dairy products (such as cheese from mice). Furthermore, in the wider area of the Municipality of Promina there is only one food processing company authorised to buy milk, which is insufficient for a serious development of the dairy sector in this area. On the other hand, there is a great livestock potential and tradition of milk production and processing, especially in hard and semi-cheese cheeses, skim milk and autochthonous cheese from mice that are highly appreciated in this area. The manufacturing facility plant planned to be built is based on traditional cheese production, which certainly carries a greater amount of added value. Traditional cheeses, such as cheese from mice, are the products that offer an intense and interesting flavor intended for a special group of consumers enjoying traditional products. There is currently no industrial production of cheese from mice neither in Croatia or the EU. The market potential for this cheese is around one million consumers in Croatia and neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as numerous consumers throughout the EU.


Oklaj is a village and the center of the Municipality of Promina, in Šibenik-Knin County. It is located about 14 kilometers northwest of Drnis and about 15 kilometers southwest of Knin.


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Financial sources

EU funded

Financing descriptive: There is a possibility of co-financing the project from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development in the value of 50% of the total eligible investment.



  • Total area of the development site1.253,45 m2
  • Estimated land valueEUR Na upit/ On request. + VAT
  • Development cost estimation (excl. land)EUR Na upit/ On request + VAT

Project holder

Project holder

Vlajina d.o.o.


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Realization of the project will begin immediately upon agreement with the investor or strategic partner.

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